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Playback speed

Realtime playback of video and audio of strips that don't have any kind of special effect. directedition

  • Solution: Image input node; select vid file/set, set start and end frames under ANIM, thread to composit, press play. Roger
  • I really don't understand both of you. The sequencer does already realtime playback - at least for me. So what is the point? Or are we mixing this up with the (to come) asset management which should be able to play a selective strip from the asset area? Peter Schlaile
  • I certainly don't get realtime playback with alt+A, and I have a Pentium Conroe and 1GB of ram. An audio certainly don't play. directedition
  • I've noticed this too (slow playback), I'll try it this weekend to make sure. This may be an issue with ffmpeg. I've heard it's dv playback performance is terrible. I'll research. tbcpp

Relative playback

An option to view/playback/trim the selected strip in a "active strip" channel in the Image Preview without changing the current frame. anders_gud

  • This is more or less a must-have feature.  Both Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro offer the ability to scrub through various assets completely independent of the main timeline.  One can set ins and outs based on this playback view.  We currently are able to display concurrent output of various clips via the channel selector, but the playback is still slave to the main timeline and requires the asset to be assigned a channel.Sobotka 21:08, 31 January 2009 (UTC)