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Exporting Files

Its not always that you will have to work on a project using one software. Basically, you might start off in Blender, but you will want to switch to another software and continue from there.

That is possible as Blender allows Exporting to other formats. Blender 2.65 currently supports exporting to 8 formats, including COLLADA.

These are important so that you can share you files with others who are not Blender users, such as those using Autodesk® 3DS Max®.

Collada (.dae)

See Here

Motion Capture (.bvh)

only available for import

Stanford (.ply)

See Here

Apply Modifiers
Bakes down the modifier stack by applying them.
Exports active uv layer's coordinates of the geometry.
Exports the geometry normal data for smooth and hard edges.
Vertex Colors
Exports the active vertex color layer

Stl (.stl)

See Here

Saves the file in ASCII file format.

Autodesk® 3DS Max® (.3ds)

See Here

Selection Only
Export selected objects only
Specify the forward axis
Specify the up axis

Autodesk® FBX (.fbx)

See Here

Wavefront (.obj)

See Here

X3D Extensible 3D (.x3d)