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File operations

The options to manage files are:

New Clears the current scene and loads startup.blend
Open Open a blend file
Open Recent Displays a list of recently saved .blend files to open
Recover last session This will load the quit.blend file Blender automatically saves just before exiting. So this option enables you to recover your last work session, e.g. if you closed Blender by accident
Recover Auto Save This will open an automatically saved file to recover it.
Save Save the current blend file.
Save As Opens file browser to specify file name and location of save.
Save Copy Saves a copy of the current file.
User Preferences Opens the user preferences dialogue.
Save User Settings Saves the current scene and preferences to startup.blend.
Load Factory Settings Restore the default scene to the factory settings.
Link or Append You don’t have to load a complete file, you can load in only selected parts from another file if you wish.
Import, (COLLADA) Blender can use information stored in a variety of other format files which are created by other graphics programs.
Export Normally you save your work in a .blend file, but you can export some or all of your work to a format that can be processed by other graphics programs.
External Data
Pack into .blend
Pack all used external files into the .blend
Unpack into Files
Unpack all files packed into this .blend to external ones
Make all paths Relative
Make all paths to external files relative to current .blend
Make all paths Absolute
Make all paths to external files absolute
Report Missing Files
Report all missing external files
Find Missing Fils
Try to find missing external files