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Fluid Simulation

Mode: Object mode / Edit mode (Mesh)

Panel: Physics sub-context → Fluid


While modeling a scene with blender, certain objects can be marked to participate in the fluid simulation, e.g. as fluid or as an obstacle. The bounding box of another object will be used to define a box-shaped region to simulate the fluid in (the so called “simulation domain”). The global simulation parameters (such as viscosity and gravity) can be set for this domain object.

Using the BAKE button, the geometry and settings are exported to the simulator and the fluid simulation is performed, generating a surface mesh together with a preview for each animation frame, and saving them to hard disk. Then the appropriate fluid surface for the current frame is loaded from disk and displayed or rendered.

A breaking dam.


In general, you follow these steps:

Blender3D FreeTip.png
Baking is done on the Domain object!
When you calculate the fluid simulation, you bake the simulation on the domain object.

For this reason:

  • all the baking options are visible only when selecting the Domain Object,
  • baking options are explained in the the baking section of the Domain manual page.

More about the simulation

To know more about simulating fluids in Blender you can read: