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Using the Lattice-boltzman method, the fluid is controlled using particles which define local force fields and are generated automatically from either a physical simulation or a sequence of target shapes. At the same time, as much as possible of the natural fluid motion is preserved.


In this examples, we use the Fluid Control option to control part of the fluid so that it has a certain shape (the sphere drop or the teapot drop) before it falls in the rest of the fluid:

Falling drop (rendered in Yafray)
"Magic Fluid Control"


Fluid control options.
Higher quality result in more control particles for the fluid control object.
Reverse Frames
The control particle movement gets reversed.
You specify the start and end time during which time the fluid control object is active.
Attraction force
The attraction force specifies the force which gets emitted by the fluid control object. Positive force results in attraction of the fluid, negative force in avoidance.
Velocity force
If the fluid control object moves, the resulting velocity can also introduce a force to the fluid.

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