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Smoke Appendix


  • Q. The smoke cache is greyed out!
  • A. Save your .blend file.
  • Q. Blender Crashes when I push the Domain Button of a smoke simulation!
  • A. This is caused by outdated drivers. Update your Drivers.
  • Q. Blender Crashes when Smoke Simulations bake!
  • A. You ran out of RAM to compute it. Try Baking at a lower resolution.
  • Q. The smoke isn't rendering!
  • A. Go back and read the documentation.
  • Q. When I try to make fire, it gives me strange results, or doesn't show up.
  • A. Make sure you have a high emmision Value for the Material, and that you have a Smoke Density texture, and that you set the fire texture to Multiply.

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