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Smoke Simulation

Development notes

Blender's new smoke simulation is based on the paper 'Wavelet Turbulence for Fluid Simulation' and associated sample code.

It has been implemented in Blender by Daniel Genrich and Miika Hamalainen.

Inner working

The simulator uses a volumetric fluid-based model, with the end results output as voxel grids. This voxel data is visualized interactively in Blender's 3D view using custom OpenGL shading, and can be rendered using the Voxel Data texture. Blender's smoke simulation wraps Voxels around existing Particles. It requires a particle-emitting object and a 'domain' object within which smoke is rendered.

This Part of the Documentation uses the 2.58 Release

User workflow

The smoke simulation is similar to the Fluid simulation: a Domain and Flow object is required to do a smoke simulation:

  • set as the simulation Domain an object that defines the bounds of the simulation volume,
  • set as the Flow object an object which determines where the smoke will be produced from,
  • set Collision objects, to make the smoke interact with objects in the scene.
  • assign a Material to the smoke
  • save the project
  • bake the simulation

In case you are having troubles, please consult the Appendix