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Smoke Flow object

Create a Flow Object

Once you have defined the volume that will contain smoke, we'll add an object from which the smoke will be emitted. Add another cube and make sure it's inside the domain cube ⇧ ShiftA  »  Mesh » Cube; 3D view must be selected).

While in edit mode go to physics and add smoke to the small cube, too. This time chose Flow.

The smoke will not be emitted from the object itself but from particles the object emits. So we need to set up a particle system. With the small cube still selected go to the particle tab. Add a new particle system and turn off the physics because we want our smoke emit from stationary place. We also don't want to see the particles so turn off the render, too.

The particles tab is right next to the physics tab
We don't want the particles to be affected by physics
We also don't want to see the particles

Now go back to the physics tab and chose the particle system in the smoke section. There should be a list with just one system to chose from that is called 'ParticleSystem' since we did not change the name. Now you can scrub through the timeline to see smoke coming from the cube. Another way to preview the smoke is starting the animation by AltA (stop it the same way).

Select the newly created particle system here
Either scrub on the timeline or use ALT+A
Now there should be smoke in the viewport


Delete smoke from simulation.
Particle System
Particle system emitted from the object.
Initial Velocity
Smoke inherits its velocity from the emitter particle.
Multiplier to adjust velocity passed to smoke.

Initial Values

Absolute Density
Only allow given density value in emitter area.
Initial density value.
Temp. Diff.
Temperature to ambient temperar.