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External Script Bundles Blender 2.49b

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To better enhance the Blender scripts experience & to try to document the wide variety of scripts for the Blender 2.4 series of Python scripting. several scripts have been bundled for your use in Blender.

  • These Bundle's require a Full Python Install for many scripts to work.
  • Please use the version of Python to Match your Blender Version.
  • Over 150 scripts are included.


  • Download the Script Bundle Below.
  • The zip contains a folder called scripts.
  • The layout of the scripts folder should be the same when you copy it to .blender/scripts.
  • On Windows, Copy all the folders inside to .blender/scripts.
  • This may ask to overwrite/merge the bpymodules folder & bpydata folder.
  • This is ok on Windows as no existing files are changed.
  • On other OS Please:
  • Take care with the bpymodules folder & bpydata folders.
  • The bpydata & bpymodules folder contain important data for running several scripts.
  • You may need to copy & paste the Contents of these folders to avoid overwriting existing data.

Blender 2.49b External Script Bundles



  • Scripts included in the Wiki Bundle are of a license type compatible with Blender.

Licenses are:

  • GPL GNU General Public License
  • BSD > GPL compatible License

Script Credits

There's a read me in the download with all Script Authors listed.

Special thanks go to Ianwill, ideasman, migius, mindrones & jesterKing

Plugins Bundles

Currently the plugins are available here:

Updated Texture Plugins. (now thread aware)

Temp Link: http://www.cdupload.com/files/62177_ije8i/texture_plugins_modified.zip

for svn checkout of updated plugins: https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/2_4x/plugins/

for browsing original repository: http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blender/plugins/

Special Builds

There's some builds on graphicall containing the pre-installed scripts.

Meta-Androcto Build for Windows: my fully Packed Build.


Check also the Builds by Zebulon, they contain the scripts.