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A script is a program that is written in the Python language which runs within Blender, and calls on Blender routines to create new functionality. Because Python is a popular interpreted programming language, it can be used to extend the functionality of Blender in a wide array of ways. Users all over the world have written hundreds of scripts, and this section of the Blender wiki attempts to catalog and document those scripts. It also provides information on how to use and write scripts easier and more effectively.

Blender 2.6

Blender 2.6 has some big changes compared to 2.4. It now uses Python 3 instead of Python 2. The entire API has also changed and is now for a big part automatically generated from Blender's internals.
This has resulted in an API that is tightly integrated into Blender, enabling scripts to go beyond the limitations that were present in older versions of Blender.

API development
Be prepared for some more changes in the API though. It is not fully stable yet and changes and additions occur regularly. It's already quite usable though. There's plenty of great Python scripting fun to be had. Enjoy!

Information for Artists

  • Scripts Catalog - An overview of the scripts that are available, including their documentation.
  • Using Add-ons - Information on how to use the add-ons you found in the catalog.

Information for Script Writers

Blender 2.49b

Blender 2.49b uses Python 2.6 series. There are many great scripts & examples of scripting in this section. You cannot open these scripts in Blender 2.5/2.6. However the vast array of algorithms is still very useful.

Information for Artists

Information for Script Writers