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Naiad skin documentation

This document contains a brief description of the structure and functionalities of the wiki skin Naiad. On a general level, the skin is based on previous Blender wiki skin, but with a better integration of extensions such as DPL tree, custom messages and template via hooks. The skin files consist in the folder and file named "naiad" inside the mediawiki/skin folder.


The skin main.css inside the naiad folder contains the main CSS for the skin. Some temporary properties may be assigned to classes and id's via the MediaWiki:Naiad.css


Most of the interactive features of the skin are based on the jQuery framework. Currently the legacy version 1.3.2 is used, because of an issue the more recent releases causing the page to appear blank for a fraction of second at every reload. The files are contained in the naiad/js folder are:

  • jquery-1.3.2.min.js minified, compressed version of the jQuery framework
  • jquery.blenderwiki.js custom jQuery functions
  • jquery.cookie.js plugin for enabling cookie creation and management via jQuery
  • jquery.tinyscrollbar.js plugin for enabling custom scrollbars


A summary of the structure, including the hook functions follows here. The interface is based on a liquid page container, inside of which a fixed header and footer are placed.

		<subnav boxheader>
		</subnav boxheader>
		<subnav boxheader>
			<?php wfRunHooks( 'Series', array( &$this ) );?>
			<?php wfRunHooks( 'Languages', array( &$this ) );?>
		</subnav boxhader>
			<?php wfRunHooks( 'NavTree_TopPages', array( &$this ) );?>
		<?php wfRunHooks( 'SearchSeries', array( &$this ) );?>
		<?php wfRunHooks( 'SearchLanguages', array( &$this ) );?>


Currently hooks are used for two purposes: