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The Naiad Mediawiki Skin


The old BlenderWiki Skin has been rewritten during the Wiki 2011 Upgrade Project!

The page is now logically separated in 3 columns and has a liquid layout!


Navigation column

The navigation area
Blender Logo

From the Blender logo you can jump to:


Here you can go to higher levels in the hierarchy in the tree

Main pages selector

This menu lets you jump to other sections of the wiki


A navigation tree to reach every page of a certain wiki section

Quick search

Here you can search the wiki, choosing the language and the blender version.

The results are grouped blender version, and a new form lets you refine the search results

Contents column

Shows the actual content.

Two new menus let you jump from a certain content to the same content relative to a different Blender Version or written in a different language.

The content area

Table of contents and wiki operativity

This is how the right column appears.

The rightmost area menu
User menu
User menu

In this menu you can manage you user.

"Page" menu
Page links and "Page" menu

These are wiki actions that normally we do on a wiki.

Less used actions are embedded in the "Page" menu.

"Wiki" menu
"Wiki" menu and link

Here you actions you might want to do at wiki level:

  • uploading a page
  • reading statistics
  • reading Blender Wiki guidelines

A link to the new documentation bug tracker is also provided in this menu.

The mediawiki logo links to the mediawiki site, where you can find all the information about the MediaWiki system.

The sidebar curernly hosts the page's Table of Contents, and you will find it's usually quite empty. In a future project we plan to place items of the Blender Reference in the TOC sidebar too!

Liquid layout

Edit links collapsed in the "Page" menu

The page will adapt its contents to your screen resolution!

If you resize the browser window, the more you shrink it the more elements will disappear:

  • at first, the Table of Contents sidebar collapses.
  • if you keep shrinking the window:
    • the navtree collapses too,
    • the editing links hide themselves inside the "Page" menu.

This behaviour has been designed so that you can keep a smaller browser window aside of the Blender Application while you work!

Also zooming will adapt your content, letting the sidebars in place.

Source code


You can download this skin from our documentation svn tree.

Note that since this is the source code we use for, it is subject to frequent changes.


The Naiad skin has been licenced under the GPL License version 3 (GPLv3).

Note about the color theme
If you choose to use this skin for the public, please don't use the same color scheme we use, so that we can keep style unique! Thanks! :)


We have recently started to document this skin source code, but should you have any doubts about it please poke User:Mindrones or User:Fsiddi: