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World panel

Blender provides a number of very interesting settings to complete your renderings by adding a nice background, and some interesting 'depth' effects. These are accessible via the World context. By default a very plain uniform world is present. You can edit it or add a new World.

You have:

The color and texture of the world background, with special settings for mapping coordinates.
Add a mist to your scene to enhance the feeling of depth.
Randomly covers the background with halo-like dots (support only to Blender version 2.69).

While these world settings offers a simple way of adding effects to a scene, compositing nodes are often preferred, though more complex to master, for the additional control and options they offer. For example, filtering the Z value (distance from camera) or normals (direction of surfaces) through compositing nodes can further increase the depth and spacial clarity of a scene.

Some of the settings under the World panel in Blender affect lighting so you find them under the Lighting chapter (see Ambient Light, Exposure and Ambient Occlusion). When using a Sun Lamp options for Sky & Atmosphere are available in the Lamp menu.