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  • LOCAL: (内蔵されている)設定・ランタイムデータの場所。
  • USER: (通常ユーザーのホームディレクトリにある)設定ファイルの場所。
  • SYSTEM: システム全体のインストールに関わるランタイムの場所(おそらく読み取り専用になっている)。

システムにインストールするためには、SYSTEM および USER ディレクトリ双方が必要となります。

配布されているBlenderをローカルに引き出すために、ユーザー設定およびデータのランタイムデータが同じサブディレクトリに置かれます。これにより、複数のバージョンのBlenderが競合することなく動作することができ、USER および SYSTEMファイルを無視します。



LOCAL: ./2.57/
USER: /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.57/
SYSTEM: /Library/Application Support/Blender/2.57/

注意:OSXはBlenderのバイナリを ./ に保存します。そのため、データおよび設定へのローカルパスは ./ となります。


LOCAL: .\2.57\
USER: C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\
SYSTEM: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\

Unix (Linux/BSD/Solaris)

LOCAL: ./2.57/
USER: $HOME/.blender/2.57/
SYSTEM: /usr/share/blender/2.57/

注意: ./2.57/ はBlenderの実行ファイルで、blender.org公式ビルドに内蔵されているファイルと関係があります。


This is the path layout which is used within the directories described above.

Where ./config/startup.blend could be ~/.blender/2.57/config/startup.blend for example.

  • ./autosave/ ...
    autosave blend file location. Windows only, temp directory used for other systems.
    search order: LOCAL, USER
  • ./config/ ...
    defaults & session info
    search order: LOCAL, USER
  • ./config/startup.blend
    default file to load on startup.
  • ./config/bookmarks.txt
    file selector bookmarks.
  • ./config/recent-files.txt
    recent file menu list.
  • ./datafiles/ ...
    runtime files
    search order: LOCAL, USER, SYSTEM
  • ./datafiles/locale/{language}/
    language translations. not currently in use!
  • ./datafiles/icons/*.png
    icon themes for blenders user interface. not currently selectable in the theme preferences.
  • ./datafiles/brushicons/*.png
    images for each brush.
  • ./scripts/ ...
    python scripts for the user interface and tools
    search order: LOCAL, USER, SYSTEM
  • ./scripts/addons/*.py
    python addons which may be enabled in the user preferences, includes import/export format support, render engine integration and many handy utilities.
  • ./scripts/addons/modules/*.py
    modules for addons to use (added to pythons sys.path)
  • ./scripts/addons_contrib/*.py
    another addons directory which is used for community maintained addons (must be manually created).
  • ./scripts/addons_contrib/modules/*.py
    modules for addons_contrib to use (added to pythons sys.path)
  • ./scripts/modules/*.py
    python modules containing our core API and utility functions for other scripts to import (added to pythons sys.path)
  • ./scripts/startup/*.py
    scripts which are automatically imported on startup.
  • ./scripts/presets/{preset}/*.py
    presets used for storing user defined settings for cloth, render formats etc.
  • ./scripts/templates/*.py
    example scripts which can be accessed from: Text Space's Header -> Text -> Script Templates
  • ./python/ ...
    bundled python distribution only necessary when the systems python is absent or incompatible
    search order: LOCAL, SYSTEM



The user preferences script path provides a way to set your own directory which is used for scripts as well as the user scripts path. Be sure to create subfolders within this directory which match the structure of blenders scripts directory, startup/, addons/, modules/ etc. because copying scripts directly into this folder will not load them on startup or as addons.


Environment variables can be used to override default path locations, eg: $BLENDER_USER_CONFIG, $BLENDER_SYSTEM_PYTHON.

This is not normally something which needs setting but can be useful for custom configurations.

For details see the 'Environment Variables' section in 'blender --help'

スクリプトパス & Missing Buttons

If blender starts with no interface this is probably because the scripts are not loading correctly and can be caused by...

  • script path not found.
  • an error in one of the scripts.
  • a version mis-match between blender and the scripts.

Its best to load blender from a terminal to see any error messages to see whats wrong.