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Gyes (Random Material, Texture Generator and Librarian)
A Multi Tool for Blender
UI location Group: System
Version 1 Author(s) Kilon
Blender 2.6 Rev: # 41098 License GPL

Executable information
File name Gyes folder
Current version download https://github.com/kilon/Gyes/zipball/master

Gyes Logo

What is Gyes ?

GYES is an addon that can produce Random Materials and Textures . The randomization is controlled by the user and so the user can set what is randomized and how much .

Video Tutorial

Here you can find a video tutorials playlist for all Gyes tools

YouTube Playlist

What tools are included ?

Currently there are 3 tools :

  • RMG ( Random Material Generator) creates new randomised materials or randomise existing materials, it can be used for experimenting, inspiration and testing different settings. Its also an excellent tool for learning how materials behave.
  • History Tool stores and organises materials and textures it also offers several other tricks too, like animating the randomisations of a material.
Blender3D FreeTip.png
Clicking the above links will take you to the specific documentation of each tool

How to install ?

There is no longer a need to install Gyes as it comes included with Blender. You only need to activate it by going to the addon browser , enable "testing" addons and search for "gyes" and it should be there .