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The Properties (or Buttons) Window shows several Contexts, which can be chosen via the icon row in the header (see Context button example).

Context button example

The number and type of buttons changes with the selected Context so that only useful buttons show up. The order of these buttons follows a hierarchy which is detailed below:

  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Render-25.png Render: Everything related to render output (dimensions, anti-aliasing, performance etc).
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Scene-25.png Scene: Gravity in the scene, units and other general information.
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn World-25.png World: Environmental lighting, sky, mist, stars and Ambient Occlusion.
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Object-25.png Object: Transformations, display options, visibility settings (via layers) duplication settings and animation information (regarding Object position).
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Constraints-25.png Constraints: Used to control an Object's transform (position, rotation, scale), tracking and relationship properties.
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Modifiers-25.png Modifiers: Operations that can non-destructively affect Objects by changing how they are rendered and displayed without altering their geometry (e.g. mirror and smoothing).
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn ObjectData-25.png Object Data: Contains all Object specific data (color of a lamp, focal length of a camera, vertex groups etc). The icon differs with the type of Object (the one shown here is for a mesh object).
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Material-25.png Materials: Information about a surface (color, specularity, transparency, etc).
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Texture-25.png Textures: Used by materials to provide additional details (e.g. color, transparency, fake 3-dimensional depth).
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-BtnParticles-25.png Particles: Add variable amounts of (usually small) objects such as lights or mesh Objects that can be manipulated by Force Fields and other settings.
  • Manual-Interface-Contexts-Btn Physics-25.png Physics: Properties relating to Cloth, Force Fields, Collision, Fluid and Smoke Simulation.

The Buttons in each context are grouped into Panels.