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Sensors are the logic bricks that cause the logic to do anything. Sensors give an output when something happens, e.g. a trigger event such as a collision between two objects, a key pressed on the keyboard, or a timer for a timed event going off. When a sensor is triggered, a positive pulse is sent to all controllers that are linked to it.

The logic blocks for all types of sensor may be constructed and changed using the Logic Editor; details of this process are given in the Sensor Editing page.

The following types of sensor are currently available:

Actuator Detects when a particular actuator receives an activation pulse.
Always Gives a continuous output signal at regular intervals.
Collision Detects collisions between objects or materials.
Delay Delays output by a specified number of logic ticks.
Joystick Detects movement of specified joystick controls.
Keyboard Detects keyboard input.
Message Detects either text messages or property values
Mouse Detects mous events.
Near Detects objects that move to within a specific distance of themselves.
Property Detects changes in the properties of its owner object.
Radar Detects objects that move to within a specific distance of themselves, within an angle from an axis.
Random Generates random pulses.
Ray Shoots a ray in the direction of an axis and detects hits.
Touch Detects when the object is in contact with another object.